From time to time, I put together some slides for church. I get the images free from (AMAZING RESOURCE!) and thought I would share them here in hopes that it may help some churches out there. I’m not trained in graphic design (yet) but enjoy it and if you can use it, please do! I’m still working on the best way to share these, but for now, try saving the image and see if it works. Or let me know you want them and I can email them to you until I figure out a better download system. 🙂


ChildrensMintitleslide Christmasslidenew ClosingPrayerwaterfall Endofworshipbee greeting time waterfall greetingnew hummeroffering hummerThankyou hummerwelcome3 MeetingandGreeting offeringbee Offeringnew welcomeandprayernew welcomebee WELCOMEnew WelcomeOpenPrayerRom1212 welcomeprayerwaterfall Christmasslidenew